Saturday, February 25, 2006

Labels, Labels, Labels...Who am I?...Who are You?

To my Mom, I am "Son", To my children, I am "Dad". To my wife, I am "Dear" (sometimes). To many I am "Doctor". To my brother, I am "Brother". To a precious few I am "Friend".

I am a Senior Citizen, a card-carrying member of AARP, who enjoys some of the association's benefits, but disagrees with it's politics. I am a proud Veteran of our Armed Forces, having served for three years in the Medical Corps in Germany. I was fortunate in that the Army did not need Pediatricians in Viet Nam. I do not think I would have gone to Canada if ordered to Nam. As I veteran I prefer USAA insurance for myself and my family.

I am a now semi-retired Pediatrician. I love working with children. I hate seeing children used and exploited for political purposes. When I see some politician saying that some bill or proposed program is "For the Kids" I cringe.

I am Caucasian. I am a heterosexual (ie, Straight) Male. I am a Southerner. I am a Presbyterian, but I have a questioning faith. By definition, I am a "WASP". I am a registered independent, but vote Republican.

I am one of the lucky ones, a cancer survivor. My survival probably had more to do with the type of cancer I had and it's early detection than with any other factors.

I was a school board member, but one child attended a private high school when I left the board.

I am definitely opinionated, but I do not have a closed mind. I can change, and have changed, my opinion when challenged by intelligent reasoned argument and discourse.

Most consider me a "Conservative". None consider me a "Liberal". But, I favor gun control. I would hate to see abortions illegal again. I have witnessed the death of young women who had botched illegal abortions. One should not get the death penalty for having sex. On the other hand I abhor the idea of abortions being used as a convenient means of birth control, especially the henious late third trimester abortions. However, I do favor the death penalty, if it is applied in a timely manner. I feel certain acts in our society demand the forfeiture of one's life as the proper penalty.

I am really not in favor of prayer in the public schools. Personally, I never found the morning devotionals, that were the norm when I was in school, to be profound religious experiences. But an invocation prior to a commencement does not seem out of place. However, prayers before a sporting event seem comical to me. Religious teachings are best left to our churches and our homes.

I am for equal rights for all, but I deplore all the self-serving special-interest groups espousing their specific rights under various banners. But, this whole topic is worthy of a separate future posting. Special-interest groups are devicive, for the most part. I am for unity. Many special-interest groups often forment discontent to justify their own existence. Without such discontent, there would be no use for such groups and they would wither away.

I consider myself a capitalist, but cringe when the bottom-line mentality drives American jobs overseas. We are a consumer society, but without jobs, without paychecks, we will cease to be consumers. Where will that leave us all. I don't really understand economics. What I consider good news often sends Wall Street into a tailspin. And vice-versa. Is there such a thing as real "free trade"?

I am a physician, but, stupidly and to my children's chagrin, I smoke an occasional cigar, so I guess that makes me a smoker. But, I don't think that should make me a second class citizen. I know the risks, and if I get sick because of this pleasure (or vice), it's not the tobacco company's fault. I very much dislike the "victim industry".

I am both a majority and a minority, depending on how I am labeled.

These thoughts are only the surface. I am really even more complex. So, who am I? And, who are you?


Blogger Kelicious said...

I am very proud and very impressed. I feel honored to call you "friend"

February 26, 2006  
Blogger ptwannabe said...

Enjoy reading what is in your head......I'll stop you when I have a problem with what you are saying....or rather, "challenge the view". Keep writing....

March 08, 2006  
Blogger Jason-M said...

Wonderful "credo." Labels are keeping us from each other and from dealing with the issues that unite us as a people and that need solving.

April 25, 2006  

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