Monday, March 13, 2006

A Week at the "Beach"

Just got back from a week at the "beach". In other parts of the country it is called different things such as "the coast"or "the Gulf". But here in North Carolina and to our neighbors just to the south in South Carolina, it is the "beach". Home of "beach music" and the "shag". For the uniniated reader, especially those of the British persuasion, I haste to point out that the "shag" is a dance, very rhythmic, intricate, and difficult to master. There are many who dance the "shag", but there are few true "shaggers".

As is usual with such occasions, things did not go exactly as planned. But, it was a great week none the less. It was made more special by the fact that our daughter, Miss Em, was able to fly in to visit with us. We loafed around, read books, ate seafood, cooked a Boston Butt and collards especially for Miss Em, ate more seafood, visited, drank some whiskey, and watched some T.V.

T.V. consisted mostly with watching "American Idol" (in which three finalist are again from the great state of North Carolina) and the ACC Basketball Tournament (in which, unfortunately the "Dookies" once more prevailed, and the young Tarheels lost out in the semi-finals to the carpetbaggers from Boston College). I'm still proud of the Heels. If they do not win another game this season, they have far surpassed my greatest expectations for this inexperienced team. Roy Williams for National Coach of the Year. Freshman center Tyler Hansbrough has already been named ACC Freshman of the Year, All-ACC Tournament Team, All ACC First Team, and Sporting News First Team All-American. I must mention in passing that " My Best Friend, John" (see previous blog) has one big fault - he is a DOOK fan. But, I still love him.

Speaking of T.V. I did watch, for the only time, I promise, the absolutely worse T.V. show I have ever seen, Deal or No Deal. Where is the intellegence or talent here? Contestants must only recognize the Arabic numerals from 1 to 26 and be able to say them in English. The plastic beauties need to hold a briefcase and be able to open it on demand. Do they have day jobs. And I thought Vanna White did little on Wheel of Fortune, whose contestants look like mensa candidates compared to those on Deal.

I got a little off message there for a minute. We did have a wonderful week at the "beach". Sorry that Number One Son could not make it this time. Jobs have away of screwing up the best of plans. Also missed some friends of the family who could not make the trip. Maybe next time.

Next stop, the Outer Banks of North Carolina in August. We will be going "up" to the Outer Banks or "out" to the Outer Banks, but not "down" to the "beach" that time. It is a great place, but it is not the same. I have not "shagged" on the Outer Banks, not the dance, anyhow.


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