Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Austin on my Mind

Not that anyone is interested or really cares, but my bride and I are flying to Austin, Texas tomorrow to see my Number One Son before he "moves" to Costa Rica to advance his career in the interactive internet advertising world. To be perfectly honest, I really do not know or understand exactly what he does, but it seems that his talents are in demand. He has no problem in finding gainful employment. I guess it is a generational thing.

The reason I said "moves" instead of moves is for the simple reason that he said he would be in Costa Rica, now get this, for one week...that's right one week, before he has to fly back to Austin for business. He also has said that he will have to come back to the good ole US of A about once a month to check in with the home office. The way I figure it, he will have to sign a three-year deal to be out of country long enough to reap the tax benefits.

As I said before, I do not really understand exactly what it is that he does. But, I do know that it has to do with the internet. I also know that I can correspond with people in Scotland via e-mail. So I assume that the internet is an international phenomenon. So, why can't my Number One Son just as well do his internet thing in Austin as well as he can do it in Costa Rica? Furtermore, why can't he just work at home. If he has a laptop he has a virtual office. Could he not work from the beach, the mountains, his original home in N.C., a bar, Internet Cafes, Mickey-D's, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Do these companies just like to spend money on international flights and hotels?

As I said in the beginning, probably no one will note this because, according to comments received, the Blogosphere is an empty, empty place.


Blogger StratoCade said...

I'm in total agreement with you. I think "interactive marketing" is just a fake job corporate travel departments have come up with so they can book a lot of extra travel and thereby justify their existence... I'll be sure to report back to you once I've visited.

April 10, 2006  
Anonymous Bryan said...

I think "face time" is the reason your company moves you to foreign countries, at least that was the case with me. I had to make sure those pesky Germans were doing the right thing all the time and my being in that offfice every day made that happen. Of course, it sounds like number one son isn't actually consulting with any businesses in Costa Rica. Hey, if Icould go to the beach every weekend, I'd be down there too. Pura Vida!

April 19, 2006  

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