Friday, May 12, 2006

HINTS: You Know You are an Old Fart When...

(1) There is a big wedding. I mean a three-day event in our one-horse town. Actually, the affair is too big for here and is being held just up the road in the resort village of Pinehurst (can you say U.S. Open Tournament).

(2) As friends of the family, we had the pleasure of being one of the hosts of hosts for a dinner/dance held at the Country Club of North Carolina (see "High Cotton" here) last night. It was a good party, even if I do say so myself. And, I can say so myself, since I did nothing to make it a success except to make my financial contribution to the affair. First Hint: Thought the band was too loud.

(3) After dinner enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee. Second Hint: I inquired if it were decaf. It wasn't.

(4) Stayed to the end, but not real late. In fact the bridal party went bar-hopping after the dance. Third Hint: I did not even consider going anywhere but home.

(5) Got home, guess the caffine had kicked in. Blogged a while...watched DVD movie...looked at ceiling for hours. Fourth Hint: I could not imagine what was keeping me awake.

(6) Woke up at usual time this am. Fifth Hint: Old Farts don't sleep in, even when they can.

(7) Been tired all day. So tired that have begged off party #2 tonight (even though it is being held at the shrine...The Pinehurst Resort) so I'll be ready for the main event tomorrow night. Sixth Hint: Young people look for an excuse to party and would never skip one. Final Hint and the Exception Proves the Rule: Seniors, in general, do not know or want to acknowledge their limitations.


Blogger StratoCade said...

Sounds like a fantastic time - glad you enjoyed it. Next time, just watch out for those damned waiters who are too young to know when to start serving decaf.

I, too must be getting old... I've been looking for excuses to skip parties lately.

May 15, 2006  

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