Thursday, April 27, 2006

"The Best..."

Kel de Texas has referenced “Best Gay Blogs” on a couple of occasions. I guess that is a website that features a list of happy, uplifting, funny, blogs, correct? That Kel is one happy, funny guy, most of the time-when he is not being “hotheaded”, so I knew he would be listed there.

Believe it or not, in our Pediatric office we have a little book entitled “The Pediatric Book of Lists – A Primer of Differential Diagnosis in Pediatrics”. I think that same principal could be extrapolated to the internet.

But, I’m not too good at “Googling”. I put in my search request, click on “Search” and get 5,275,142 replies, listed 10 to a page. So I have not been able to ascertain if there are other such "Best" websites. Is there a “Best Sad Blogs”? A “Best Sports Blogs”? A “Best Medical Blogs”? A “Best Urban Blogs”? A “Best Black Blogs”? A “Best Redneck Blogs”? A “Best ‘You Name It’ Blogs”? etc. The mere scope boggles the mind.

If I could compile such a list I could start a website, “The Best List of the Best Blogs”. (No, actually I could not, because I can’t understand HTML). It would be similar to the coffee table book Kramer envisioned on “Seinfeld”, “The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Table Books” listing all the coffee table books available on the market.

Just a thought.


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