Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thanks, Kel de S.F.

Plagarism: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I AM: beginning to figure out what being a senior citizen and being semi-retired are all about and am enjoying it.
I WISH: I had taken better care of myself as a younger man.
I HATE: stupidity, cause there ain't no cure for stupid!
I MISS: my kids.
I HEAR: everything, one of the signs of ADHD
I WONDER: if this life is really all there is to it.
I REGRET: ever having started smoking.
I AM NOT: interested in the least what celebrities think about or say about serious subjects.
I DANCE: the Shag.
I SING: bass in the church choir.
I CRY: at the loss of a loved one.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: tactful.
I WRITE: this blog, e-mails, and notes to friends who are sick or experiencing a personal loss or hardship.
I CONFUSE: myself at times.
I NEED: to lose weight.
I SHOULD: stop smoking, again.
I START: many little projects, there’s that ADHD again.
I FINISH: most of the projects in one fashion or another, but not necessarily in the order they were started.
I TAG: no, I don’t


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