Saturday, August 12, 2006

Recurring Thought While Reviewing Current Events

The Egyptians. The Babylonians. The Persians. The Greeks. The Romans. The Aztecs. The Mayans. The Mongols. The Mings. The British. The Soviets. Etc.

Each had its "empire". Each had its place in the sun. I'm almost certain that the people of these "empires", and most assuredly their leaders, thought that their "empire", their way of life, would last forever. Some have vanished completely, while others are mere locations on the world map.

Globalization. Bottom-Line Mentality. Outsourcing. Record Trade Deficits. Islamic Terrorism. Bitter Partisan Politics. "Politicians" instead of Statesmen. Society of "Victims". Entitlements.

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot:
This is the way we may end, both with a bang, and a whimper.

And we are only two generations removed from "The Greatest Generation".


Anonymous DCMASSHOLE said...

Doc, excellent post you say so much with so few words.

I was going to write something on "society of victims" from the African-Americans, Arabs and Jews. I wish people except responsibility for their own actions.

Just think that "Greatest Generation" was pretty much the first generation of Americans. The first amagalmation of all the different Europeans that once fought each other to fight for and build this great nation.

August 14, 2006  

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