Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adios, Au revoir, Auf Weidersehn

"A one ana two ana ...So long, farewell, until we meet again, ..."

Thus ended many Lawrence Welk Shows on T.V. that I watched as a child with my parents. I recently relived those days on a Saturday night while we were on the Outer Banks when I watched some of an old Lawrence Welk Show, now telecast weekly on PBS. It was a good healthy bite of nostalgia. A rememberance of a past time, more innocent and less complex than today's world. I made sure I heard that last song before they signed off.

I think it is appropriate that I borrow those old lyrics as I sign off the blogosphere as an active blogger. I have enjoyed the endeavor immensely, but I have lost the desire to take the time to blog. I will continue to read selected blogs and make comments when the spirit moves me, but for now...



Blogger Jason M said...

The need/want to chronicle your life comes and goes. Im going to miss your posts though, enjoyed your perspective. I guess i'll just have to hear about them in person...which is better.

September 22, 2006  
Blogger Pookie Pie said...

Yeah. Sometimes posts just pour out. Sometimes it takes some cajoling to get the creative thoughts flowing. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and I will miss them.

Take care.

September 24, 2006  

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